Dissolving Domestic Partnerships in Fort Bend County

If you have entered into a domestic partnership and have decided to end the partnership, Fort Bend County Attorney Dean Zand can help you. We have successfully helped numerous same sex couples dissolve their domestic partnerships without a prolonged legal battle.


Please contact the Zand Law Firm by calling 281-751-6466 to obtain information regarding the process for Dissolving a Texas Domestic Partnership and schedule an appointment for a free consultation for couple’s who attend together. Located in Richmond, TX, our domestic partnership dissolution lawyer Dean Z and represents clients who live throughout the Fort Bend County, Harris County, and throughout the state of Texas.

Richmond Domestic Partnership Dissolution Attorney

The process for dissolving a Domestic Partnership is synonymous with the procedures for a marital dissolution. The same issues that arise in divorces usually arise during domestic partnership dissolution’s, including division of assets, payment of spousal support (‘alimony’), and if the couple has children together, matters pertaining to custody, a parenting plan, child support and even adoption may need to be resolved.


As with any other Family Law matter, Fort Bend County domestic partnership dissolution lawyer Dean Zand applies the same principles of utilizing mediation, settlement negotiations and collaborative representation to help couples end their domestic partnership as amicably and peacefully as possible, without participating in expensive and money-draining litigation.


When couples who have entered into a domestic partnership subsequently marry and choose to end their relationship, they must not only obtain a marital dissolution, but also a domestic partnership dissolution.


A seasoned, compassionate and skilled divorce mediator and collaborative divorce attorney, Dean Zand works diligently to help same sex couples negotiate reasonable and amicable settlement agreements. If you are looking for an experienced Fort Bend County divorce lawyer contact us today. Let our family fight for your family and call us today at 281-751-6466.