Fort Bend County Grandparent’s Rights Lawyer

Under certain conditions a grandparent may ask for visitation with a grandchild. In Texas family law courts, there is a presumption that the biological parents should retain custody of their children. When a parent can’t meet the challenges of raising a family, due to drug use, alcoholism or emotional and mental illness, grandparents can sometimes step in to assume custodial responsibilities. Often, temporary custody or a safety plan put in place by Child Protective Services is the best option for all parties involved.

Texas law allows for grandparents to pursue custody or visitation under specific circumstances. Typically, if one parent has lost their parental rights or dies, grandparents’ rights can be established. We can help you pursue your rights. We also have represented parents who wish to prevent gr andparent visitation or custody.

Grandparent’s Visitation and Rights Basics

  • The judge may order visitation to the grandparent if:
  • The parental rights of at least one parent have not been terminated
  • Visitation with your gr andchild is in the grandchild’s best interest
  • At least one of the following is true:
  • Your child (a parent of your grandchild) has been incarcerated during the three-month period prior to filing the petition, has been found to be incompetent, or is dead
  • The parents of your grandchild are divorced or have been living apart for at least three months or your grandchild has been abused or neglected by a parent
  • Your grandchild has been found by the court to be a child in need of supervision
  • Your child (a parent of your gr andchild) has had his or her parental rights to your gr andchild terminated
  • Your grandchild has resided with you for at least six months during the last two years

Find the Family Law Representation You Need

This area of the law is changing dramatically. You will need a skilled attorney to deal with the complex issues.  At The Zand law Firm, we are dedicated to providing you the necessary information needed to determine if you as the gr andparent qualify for visitation.  Attorney Dean Zand is familiar with the law affecting grandparent’s rights.

If you are a grandparent seeking visitation of your grandchildren due to specific circumstances we can help.  For answers to your questions about your rights as the gr andparent, call 281-751-6466 for a consultation with the attorney Dean  Zand. We represent clients throughout Fort Bend County and through the state of Texas.

When You Need to Step in and Help

As a grandparent, it is difficult to watch your adult children fight to gain control of their lives while your grandchildren suffer the consequences. Many grandparents realize that the best thing to do is step in and help.

Whether you are seeking grandparents’ custody of your grandchild, or simply fighting for your visitation rights as a significant adult in your grandchildren’s lives, we are ready to help.

Fighting For Your Rights

Divorce is often acrimonious and leads to the custodial parent refusing to allow grandparents visitation rights. The courts are reluctant to step in, unless it can be shown that a child will suffer detriment if a significant person is removed from a child’s life. Our experienced family law attorney is knowledgeable in all areas of custody and know the expectations of various county family law judges throughout Texas. We help grandparents fight for visitation rights of their grandchildren when the circumstances permit it.

  • We offer a full range of legal services relating to divorce and child custody issues, including:
  • Grandparent’s visitation and access
  • Visitation schedule modifications
  • Enforcement of support and custody orders
  • Relocation and geographic restrictions
  • CPS investigations
  • Paternity issues

Please don’t hesitate to contact us today. We are committed to helping you pursue a favorable resolution to your issue. We can be reached by phone at at 281-751-6466. You can also contact us by filling out our Divorce Lawyer Contact Form