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Divorce is not simple; unfortunately it is often a lengthy, multi-step process involving many complex and emotional issues. At the Zand Law Firm, we know how the process works and will answer your questions so you know what to expect. Our founding attorney has more than 10 years of experience and helps us provide you with knowledgeable service from the beginning of the process to the end. The Zand Law Firm provides top quality representation at affordable prices.  We represent our clients diligently focusing on every aspect of family law.


When you are going through a divorce or family law issue it is essential to make difficult decisions in a rational and strategic way. Some may wonder if they need a lawyer in family court, but individuals who have already been through the process know that you will need a dependable family lawyer. A good family lawyer will be knowledgeable and experienced in the family law area. and they can make a significant difference in the outcome of your case. We ask you to choose wisely; choose The Zand Law Firm. We provide all of our clients with sound divorce and family law advice and compassionate representation. Attorney Dean Zand has the skill and experience to handle the most complex family law matter. Contact us to discuss your case. At the Zand Law Firm, we care about the needs of your family and will work with you to see that your goals are met.

Pathways to a Better Future in Texas

We also underst and that when you are going through a divorce or family law issue it is essential to make these decisions in a rational and strategic way. One may want to let their emotions determine their choices which rarely lead to a positive outcome. At The Zand Law Firm, it is Dean’s priority as a divorce attorney to help you sort through the emotions that emerge from legal issues and offer you some assistance with moving on with your life.


Everyone who comes to us looking for a divorce has different goals and concerns. Some have financial questions; some are worried that they won’t get to see their kids anymore; some want the process over as quickly as possible. No matter how you plan for divorce, you need a lawyer you can trust to guide you through this difficult process. If there is any doubt in your mind about whether The Zand Law Firm is the right fit for you here are a few more reasons why The Zand Law firm should be your law firm:

  • We are familiar with all the judges, court coordinators and other lawyers in the area.
  • We have a strong reputation in the community for fighting for our clients.
  • We regularly advance our knowledge with advanced attorney courses to make sure we understand the latest family court developments.
  • We pay personal attention and dedication to every client, every time!
  • We also charge a lower retainer fee that you can afford instead of spending a large amount of money the first time you see your family lawyer. Good lawyers must be affordable to be able to help people, so we charge reasonable legal fees.

The Zand Law Firm can help individuals navigate complex and delicate matters, always working to minimize stress and strain on families. We create solutions to difficult and complex problems. As a dedicated law practice, we establish close working relationships with our clients, resulting in strong and effective representation, which is characterized by humanity, caring, and understanding. If you find yourself facing divorce or other family law issues, please contact The Zand Law Firm.

Fort Bend Divorce Attorney

Dean Zand has had divorce attorney success litigating family law cases in the courts of Harris County and Fort Bend County for years. Our team is familiar with the Fort Bend court system and can help you navigate the system. We believe that the courtroom is not the only place to resolve the complex and sensitive issues that are commonly found in family law matters, but by recognizing that every client and case is different, the Zand Law Firm advocates the use of collaboration and mediation to resolve marital disputes as well.


During the emotional period surrounding a divorce, we provide clarity to our clients in all aspects of divorce, including:

Divorce and Children

Divorce and Property

We also provide representation for high-net-worth divorce cases. Fort Bend County divorce lawyer, Dean Zand, has an extensive understanding of dividing retirement plan benefits and dividing investments, business interests and real estate

Divorce Resolution

If you wish to end your marriage amicably, we can arrange for divorce mediation or enter into the collaborative law process. This way, you decide how the division of property happens, not a judge.


Modification of Orders

Whether you need to modify your divorce decree regarding visitation or you need to make a child support modification, we can help. Attorney Dean Zand is skilled at post-divorce modifications and will help you reach your goals.

Familly Law

We are more than a divorce lawyer. We are your legal partner:

  • A team dedicated to understanding your situation
  • Legal partners who listen to our clients and provide honest assessments
  • Divorce professionals that provide cost effective advice
  • Family law attorney that has been through similar situations
  • Team approach to navigating the Fort Bend legal system
  • Partners that you can rely on to be responsive and committed to positive results

Contact an Experienced Fort Bend County Divorce Lawyer

Divorce involves many stages, and we have experience with all of them. From the very beginning, through every stage of the divorce process, and even long after the divorce when you may need to enforce or modify your dissolution agreement, we can be there to understand and serve your needs. Contact us by e-mail or call 281-751-6466.