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When you need family law help in Fort Bend County, Texas, you should hire a lawyer who consistently gets results and can help guide you through every step of your divorce. At the Zand Law Firm, we understand and your concerns and can anticipate your needs throughout the divorce process. Our founding attorney has more than 10 years of experience in divorce and family law, and will help you.

Dean Zand, Attorney at Law, thrives on providing creative solutions to help clients reach their goals in a divorce so they can move forward with their lives. Contact us by e-mail or call 281-751-6466 to discuss your legal needs.

Attorney Dean Zand provides compassionate and complete representation for clients going through divorce or child custody matters in Houston, Texas, and the surrounding communities.

Divorce Settlements and Children

Divorce affects the relationship you have with your spouse, but it also affects your children. We can help you establish a strong parenting plan regarding custody, visitation and support that will relieve some of the stress that builds before and after a separation or divorce, ensuring your children’s best interests are taken care of.

Property Division and High-asset Divorce

Property division and spousal support issues are among the most complex in divorce proceedings. An experienced attorney can help you achieve the most fair alimony and property division agreement possible, whether you are dealing with investments and business interests or dividing retirement benefits.

Divorce Resolution in Texas

You can avoid some of the cost, time and stress of the courtroom by agreeing to family law mediation or working through a collaborative law process. These two legal methods put the parties and their needs first.

Enforcement of orders throughout Fort Bend County

When agreements are made and the divorce is final, but one party does not comply with the terms, we can help you get legal enforcement of your dissolution agreement. We have an in-depth understanding of property and support enforcement as well as child support.


When the situation changes for one or both of the ex-spouses, or for the children, the agreements surrounding the dissolution can be altered. Either both parties agree, or the case goes back to court. We can help with either or both parts of the process.

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Wherever you are in the divorce process, we can help. Call our Richmond, Texas, office at 281-751-6466, or contact us online to discuss your case with an experienced family law lawyer.