Fort Bend County Property Division Lawyer

Asset and debt division can be quite complicated during a divorce. The property division process is significant to the financial well-being for individuals in a divorce. When a couple’s estate has high value, it is important to work with an experienced family law attorney who knows where to look and how to value the assets involved with the divorce.


The Zand Law Firm has been assisting couples with property division and other family law matters for more than a decade. We handle every case by providing personalized service and work to protect your interests.

Asset Distribution Attorney Who Will Advocate for You

For years these words have guided the Zand Law Firm to help our clients. Our staff of seasoned professionals have helped numerous clients resolve their family law cases with skill and understanding. We have had property division success litigating family law cases in the courts of Fort Bend and Harris County for years. Our team is familiar with the Fort Bend court system and can help you navigate through the process. We are active members of the State Bar of Texas. With more than a decade of practicing law, the Zand Law Firm has handled all types of property division cases, including those involving:

We thoroughly examine entire estates and finds every piece of community property. The division of the marital property becomes more complex if one spouse owns their own business as valuing the business must be done accurately. You only have one chance to get it right.

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Managing the conflict and challenges that come with dividing assets is a terrible strain on any individual.  We are very familiar with the process and work closely with out clients to help make the process as smooth as possible.  Having an experienced divorce lawyer that understands the situation and helps you navigate the legal components is essential.  We work hard for our clients and will work hard for you.  If you need legal assistance with your divorce and division of assets please contact our team today. 281-751-6466.