Fort Bend County Paternity Lawyer

Committed to Serving the Best Interests of Your Child

Time is of the essence in paternity cases. Every day that passes is another day that your child goes without receiving the financial support they need. The Zand Law Firm is committed to assisting clients through the process of filing a paternity action and utilizes over a decade of experience in family law experience to achieve results quickly. Contact us today for more information.

Once paternity is established, the father will share the responsibility of paying insurance premiums and will be required to shoulder 50% of uninsured child healthcare costs. This benefits not only the child, but the mother as well. Possession and Access, a paternity judgment, automatically establishes the parent child relationship. Alternative provisions for possession and access exist under Texas paternity laws. The Zand Law Firm also assists fathers who wish to exercise their paternal rights by filing a separate action. Contact the Fort Bend County Lawyer at 281-751-6466 for more information regarding the best Interests of Your Child.