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When parents divorce, one of them might want to move to a new location to live closer to a family member or start a new job. When a parent wishes to move with their children however, the other parent might be concerned about the impact this could have on their visitations rights.


If you are looking to relocate or you need help because your ex is considering relocating, contact the Zand Law Firm for help. We can guide you through the process and help you underst and how the Texas courts may view your case and protect your rights while seeking modification from your original parenting plan. To speak to an experienced family law lawyer, contact us today for a consultation 281-751-6466.

Texas Relocation and Child Removal Laws

If you are a custodial parent seeking to move with minor children to another state, it is critical that you underst and your legal rights and obligations. Texas courts’ number one deciding factor will always be to decide if the move is in the child’s best interest. They will also ask questions like:

  • Will the child be able to have a relationship with both parents if they move?
  • Will the move affect the child’s social life?
  • Who benefits the most from the move?

The Z and Law Firm excels at h andling cases involving complex custody and visitation issues. We have years of experience in matrimonial law and have helped many clients protect their rights in parental relocation and child removal disputes. Contact us today for a consultation 281-751-6466.

International Child Abduction Cases

The Zand Law Firm also h andles international child abduction (Hague Convention) and interstate custody matters. If your child has been taken across international boundaries by the other parent, you may be overwhelmed and not sure what to do. Contact the Zand Law Firm immediately at 281-751-6466 or contact us online. We can act quickly to begin the process of getting your child back home safely.

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