Fort Bend County Attorney Helping You Plan for Divorce

Planning for divorce can greatly relieve the stresses that come along with a breakup. By planning ahead with a knowledgeable Harris County lawyer, you can be prepared for the future and shorten the divorce process. Dean Zand has been helping individuals plan for divorce for more than 10 years, and he will help you create a plan that will achieve your goals.

At the Zand Law Firm in Richmond, Texas, we can assist you with creating a divorce plan. If you are facing the possibility of a divorce, contact us by e-mail or call toll free 281-751-6466.

Planning for divorce is a confusing time. Let us take the stress out of the separation process.

Temporary Orders in Texas Divorce

It is important to underst and your rights involved with the divorce process. Soon after receiving or filing divorce papers, a court session will be had to decide important issues, such as:

These orders will be temporary and able to be modified. That is why it is critical to have a knowledgeable Fort Bend County lawyer in your corner to prepare you for these topics. Your time in court and overall time it takes to get through the divorce can be greatly reduced with proper planning.

Preparing for Divorce Proceedings and Asset Protection

If you and your spouse do not agree on ways to divide property, how to spend time with children and other divorce issues, a judge will eventually determine these things for you. We will take the time to fully prepare you for the future as well as investigate the matter to build the strongest case your circumstances allow. Whether you have a high-net-worth divorce or need to divide retirement assets, we can help.

Contact an Experienced Fort Bend Divorce Attorney

Dean Zand is a family law attorney who has been helping clients plan for divorce for more than 10 years. He underst ands how to care for your needs, and how the Fort Bend area legal community works. You will not be paying for the learning curve of inexperience. If you hire us, you will work with Dean throughout the divorce process, so you get the experienced representation you deserve. Contact us toll free at 281-751-6466 today.