In short, the answer to whether joint custody is better is a simple yes. Humans are creatures that need to be raised by two parents.

If only one of the parents has custody, it may cause a lot of pain to the children and can be damaging to them in different ways.

The Z and Law Firm, Richmond Child Custody Lawyers, is dedicated to helping your family reach a happy arrangement that will help your children become mature and stable individuals upon reaching adulthood. Sadly, divorce is a frequent problem in our society, and sometimes this cannot be helped. It is essential that both biological parents have a role in their children’s life.

Some tips for the process:

1. Set appropriate boundaries. If the divorce was because of infidelity, make sure that the children will be safe with both parents and their new families.

2. Strive to be friendly and respectful to your former partner. You separated because you had disagreements. But be a good model for your children on how to be kind to those you disagree with.

3. Talk through your decision making process with your children. Explain why you are separating, and communicate respect to your former partner. This will help the children relax and help them make good decisions of their own in the future.

4. Think about the implications of divorce. If you have not finished the legal process, be sure to seek help from a marriage counselor or religious adviser if needed. Sometimes all that is needed is better communication and tolerance for different perspectives.

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