What Is International Adoption?

June 2, 2023

International adoption is a complicated process that can take years to complete in many countries. The prospect of raising a child however, motivates couples across the country to push through the red tape and achieve their goal. To make the process as stress free as possible, prospective parents in the Katy area should contact an Katy adoption lawyer for assistance.

What is International Adoption?

International adoption is the process of seeking out children overseas with hope that you’ll be able to adopt them as your own. The sensitive nature of international adoption is cause for both the U.S. and foreign governments to adopt strict oversight over the entire process.

Both parents who decide to adopt a child from a different country must meet legal requirements of both the United States and the child’s country of origin. Generally speaking, those who wish to adopt a child will either follow the Hague Convention Process or the non-Hague Convention adoption path.

Factors that Affect Adoption Eligibility

The factors that affect international adoption vary greatly depending on the child’s country of origin. These can include:

  • Age of Child
  • Expenses and Fees
  • Travel Time
  • Legal Adoption Restrictions

An Katy adoption lawyer will advise you that most countries require that a parent be present to escort their new child to the United States. All information about the child should be verified prior to making an adoption arrangement, including health, educational background if any, and age. Prospective adopting parents should also verify the agency that they intend to work with using the U.S. Department of State’s database of providers.

Deciding to Adopt Internationally

While the international adoption process seems painstakingly long, the results are well worth it.

Once you’ve decided to adopt a child, decide which country you’d like to adopt from. Some of the most common countries include India, China, Korea and Ethiopia. Then, decide how you’re going to help the new child fit in to his or her new home country. It might be a good idea to learn the child’s native language and set up a safe and fun environment for them in your home.

Texas couples who would like to start the international adoption process should call Z and Law Firm a Fort Bend County based adoption law firm.

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