Many people have had to face this stressing situation. But what to do when your spouse wants a divorce will depend on whether or not you also want a divorce. If your husb and or wife wants a divorce and you don’t, you might want to try to go to counseling to save the marriage. Sometimes marital differences can’t be reconciled, and you will end up divorced either way. It is best to explore your legal options as soon into the process as possible so that you know your options and what to expect.

If you mutually agree to the divorce, you can file on the grounds that the marriage is “irretrievably broken.” In Richmond, Texas divorce law considers this a no-fault ground, which can be less expensive than having to prove grounds for divorce in court. If you give your spouse the divorce he or she wants, you might increase your chances of amicably splitting certain assets like the house or the cars, or you might be able to mutually agree on child custody arrangements. An uncontested divorce, where both parties agree on the terms, can be less time consuming and less costly.

If your spouse is not willing to negotiate and wants everything under a no-fault divorce, you might want to consult with an Katy Divorce Attorney to find out your best course of action before agreeing to file for divorce.

If your husb and or wife can prove one of the dozen proofs required in Georgia to file for divorce, such as adultery or drug addiction, the judge might be more inclined to rule in your spouse’s favor when it comes to custody of the kids or dividing assets. In this case, agreeing to the divorce and filing together could work out in your favor. You might even have a better case if you filed for divorce first, if you can prove that your spouse cheated or was mentally cruel. Because every divorce case is different, it is best to discuss the matter with an experienced Fort Bend County Divorce Attorney as soon as possible before your spouse has the opportunity to file.

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