The Problems Facing the Children of Divorce

Child Support
June 2, 2023

Divorce is always hard on the parties directly involved, their relatives and even their acquaintances. However, there is nobody who is more directly affected by the breakup of a marriage than a child. A good family law attorney can be the best advocate for the children of divorce. It is this type of service that is available from Sugar L and – Richmond Family Law attorneys.

A divorce will usually create more problems for children than it solves. The child will no longer have two parents constantly present, which could be particularly painful during holidays, birthday celebrations and graduations. A divorce can even affect the status of a child’s siblings.

In terms of living arrangements, a divorce can mean a change of residency for a child and thus a change of schools and childhood relationships. A change in the financial status of a family due to the loss of one parent can also affect the material needs of a child. Child custody matters can confuse children, particularly those in the early stages of psychological development. A divorce can thus increase the risk of adjustment problems that can reveal themselves in disruptive behavior at home and at school and, later in life, can increase the risk of substance abuse and criminal activity.

Texas child custody laws are designed to provide the most stable environment for the children of divorce. The testimony of children who are at least 12 years of age will actually be taken into consideration by the court. However, it will take diligent legal intervention to assure the proper representation of everyone involved in a divorce.

Sugar L and – Richmond Family Law attorneys provide quality and affordable representation to those facing legal issues. We can help our clients make difficult decisions in a rational and constructive manner. Anyone involved in a divorce or a child custody matter should consider contacting The Z and Law Firm at 281-751-6646.

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