Am I Ready for a Divorce?

June 8, 2023

Deciding to divorce is a decision that affects more than just the couple divorcing. It changes the dynamic of many peoples’ lives including friends, relatives, members of organizations they are a part of, and most importantly – the kids. All of a sudden, these extensions of the couple are forced to figure out how to proceed with their relationship with both former spouses without stepping on any toes.

If you and your spouse are experiencing a hardship in your marriage and are considering divorce, ask yourself these five questions to make sure you’re making a sound decision and not one based purely on emotion.

Have I explored every possible option that might heal my marriage?

There are many options available to couples that provide opportunities to work through the rough patches. From books to therapy, there are resources and professionals out there who can help you with your specific issue.

If only for the sake of your kids, explore every option available to you and keep an open mind. Keep realistic expectations and know that working through issues requires honesty and effort.

If can truthfully say that you and your spouse have expired every available resource, then you may be ready to take steps for divorce.

Have I dealt with the emotions divorce might bring?

Divorces is an emotionally charged process. Chances are you will feel emotions with intensity you may have never felt before. You may feel loss, rejection, loneliness, or anger. While these are some of the most common emotions, do what you can to prepare yourself to experience emotions that you weren’t expecting.

Have I done adequate research?

There is no one way to obtain a divorce. Depending on your situation, there are a variety of forms you may need to fill out and file. Figure out what you and your spouse agree on or don’t agree on and do your research to find out proper steps to take and forms to file. Have an honest conversation with each other about details like asset distribution, child custody, or child support and go from there.

Educate yourself on the cost of a divorce so you have an idea of how much money you will most likely be forking out to end your marriage. Ask specific questions during your attorney consultation, if you choose to have an attorney represent you. One option for you might be to hire a CPA who can construct a financial plan for your divorce costs.

Am I ready to adjust to a life outside of marriage?

Divorce is a major life adjustment for anyone. But, if you have children, it can get a little tricky since you are technically still tied to your former spouse. The biggest adjustment is learning how to parent peacefully with your ex-spouse. The truth is, even though you’re divorced, you and your ex will be in each other’s lives for the rest of your children’s, so accepting that and planning accordingly is vital to your children’s well being.

Have an honest discussion with your ex-spouse about things like visitation arrangements, rules, and other important issues that relate to how you want to raise your children. Making sure you’re still united while raising your kids will go a long way toward your child’s emotional health.

Deciding to Divorce

In the end, you are the only person who knows whether or not you’re ready for a divorce. But, it’s wise to make sure your decision is a well thought out one. These questions can help you decide if you’re ready for divorce.  For a consultation please contact a Fort Bend County divorce lawyer today at  281-751-6466

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