While every divorce is unique and different, almost all divorces in Texas involve the same steps. Those who are contemplating a divorce, or are currently involved in a divorce, should contact a Richmond, TX Divorce Lawyer for advice. Following are some of the steps to expect in a divorce.

1. Divorce preparation
Before a divorce is filed, you should contact a Richmond Divorce Lawyer for advice about how to prepare. Typically, a divorce attorney will request you to gather information and documents about your assets and debts. They will give you advice about how to h andle your finances in preparation for the divorce.

2. Filing the Divorce
To begin the divorce process, a complaint or petition must be filed with the court. This is then served on your spouse, to give them notice of the divorce and what is being requested.

3. Waiting Period
In Texas, even if a divorce is not being contested, there is a period of time that must elapse before anything can be finalized. The parties must wait until this period passes.

4. Discovery
In a contested divorce, the parties may be required to exchange information through the discovery process. This allows both parties to better underst and the issues and allows the attorneys to be more thorough in their preparation.

5. Resolution
The divorce process is resolved either through an agreement or by going to trial. The majority of cases are resolved without the need to go to trial. If the parties can reach an agreement and compromise, then the agreement can be memorialized and submitted for court approval. Sometimes, dispute resolution methods, such as mediation, may be used to facilitate resolution. If a resolution cannot be reached, then the case proceeds to trial. At trial the parties present their evidence and argument to the judge.

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