Child custody is a matter that differs from state to state. In Texas, however, child custody cases are by the book and totally in the best interest of the child. In most cases, child custody is a matter between the parents of the children. Many factors are considered before a ruling is made. Custody is defined by two categories: legal and physical.

Legal custody pertains to who is allowed to make important decisions for the child such as education, religion, and medical. In Fort Bend County, legal custody is typically shared between the mother and the father. However, if ever presented with a decision in which an agreement cannot be reached, one party has primary legal custody to make the final decision. On the other h and, physical custody is defined as who will have the child live with them. Parents are usually rewarded joint physical custody, but one parent typically has primary custody and the children will reside with them the majority of the time.

Many factors are considered by the judge before making a custody ruling. Some things that are taken into consideration include who has held the majority of the responsibility throughout the marriage. Additionally, children who are at least fourteen years of age are able to voice their wishes in the state of Texas as to who they would prefer to live with. Of course, these wishes are not the ultimate factor that determines who custody is awarded to.

To conclude, the well-being of the child is the number one thing that the courts take into consideration. Before hiring a Child Custody Lawyer in Fort Bend County, however, it is important to underst and that these matters can be h andled in a divorce decree. Of course, if an agreement is not made, a child custody case is needed.

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